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Who We Are
Periscope's services are provided through its consultants. Principal Consultants usually on average have 25 years or more of experience at senior management levels in businesses with turnover up to $Aus 50 million.
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What We Do

Periscope has a database of over 2,900 businesses at its fingertips. Periscope can perform gap analyses to identify ways of sensibly improving one’s business performance.

We pride ourselves in being able to find ways to improve your bottom line by 5-10%.

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Periscope is headquartered in Australia. Our consultants have experience across the country. Based on your particular requirements we can either assign to you a dedicated resource or assemble a project team with the appropriate mix of skills and experience.
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Periscope was recently called upon to do an analysis for a client at the crossroads.
They needed forward projections on turnover, overhead and profit.
Periscope provided sharp to the point analyses without the usual padding and heavily qualified statements.
Using the analyses the client was well armed to make informed decisions.
They have decided accordingly and have this to say about their experience with Periscope’s panel of experts.
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