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Bob Payne  

Bob Payne

Principal Operations Consultant

Qualifications and Professional Development
Brighton High School (SA) - Matriculation Level
SA Institute of Technology - Sales Management Certificate
SA Institute of Technology - Diploma Business Administration
University of Hawaii - Advanced Management Programme
Australian Institute of Management -Sales & Marketing
NSWIT – Engineering Contract Management
University of N.S.W. -Strategic Planning in Marketing

Fellow - Australian Institute of Management


Bob’s working career spans 45 years, starting work in 1961 as a Fire Protection Design Draftsman for Wormald International in Adelaide. Designated a Management Cadet, he received training in all aspects of the company's operations. He completed a five year cadetship, specialising in Fire Protection Design and Contracting and was then transferred to Sydney for further management training.

In 1969 he was offered a position as Manager for Wormald operations in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Reporting directly to the Group Managing Director Bob was responsible for the establishment of Wormald International's fire protection operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong including the recruitment and training of local Chinese staff. In the seven years that Bob was posted in the region he won and carried out major installations for Motorola, GEC, Ansell, Hong Kong Electric Co and China Light and Power. Continuing successes saw him promoted to Director of Wormald’s Hong Kong and Malaysian companies.

In recognition of his efforts in 1976 he was promoted to the position of Assistant Export Director assisting the Export Director in all export activities related to South East Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. Bob travelled extensively throughout the Middle East to establish an effective network of agents and during this time commenced negotiations in Saudi Arabia for fire protection of their major airports.

In 1977 Bob left Wormald and joined the Fire Protection Division of O’Donnell Griffin. Reporting to the Group Managing Director, Bob’s brief was to form the Fixed Fire Protection Division as per an agreed business plan. Prior to joining, O’Donnell Griffin only had a minimal Fire Alarm Section operating under the name of Reichel. During this time Bob was a key member of Fire Protection Industry committee that held negotiations with the Plumbers Union and helped end the longest strike by Sprinkler Fitters in Australia's history.

After 5 years at the helm in 1982 Bob was approached by Chubb to be the General Manager of their Electronic Security Division. Based in Sydney Bob helped the Division grow fourfold and win recognition as the best performing business unit. This effort was rewarded with an overseas management course at the University of Hawaii. The Electronic Security Division now had operations in all capital cities and Bob managed the computerization and upgrading of all of their control rooms. Through consistent success in winning contract installations the Division grew to $45 million turnover with some 300 direct personnel on the payroll.

By 1993 Chubb had bought out its largest competitor and in years to come would buy out the remaining players such as TNT, MSS and others. The business was now hardly recognizable in terms of size and turnover. In 1995 Bob was promoted to the position of Group Commercial Manager reporting to the Group Managing Director handling issues that now strained the large organization.

Bob oversaw the delicate matters of Major Accounts, strategic acquisitions, business planning, purchasing, technical/R&D and Group Publicity. The successful integration of the duplicated businesses of Chubb and Wormald in Tasmania was duplicated Australia wide. During this time Bob also managed to a successful completion other complexities thrown up by merging all of Australia’s largest security companies; he successfully renegotiated the groups largest contract with ANZ; through initiatives rather than a write-down, he reduced obsolete and slow moving stock by 80% taking it down to $300k from $1.6 million and lastly he rationalized the groups property portfolio.

Whilst Chubb had bought Wormald, the Australian experience saw a reverse takeover with the commensurate impact upon the senior management structure. In 1997 Bob joined Newsound Pacific as their Operations Manager reporting to the Managing Director. Bob brought the business senior management experience. Newsound had a contracting business tendering and installing Emergency Warning & Intercom Systems (EWIS) and fire alarms. Bob oversaw the automation of the business accounting and financial reporting systems. Newsound had a production capability as well and this was further streamlined.

In 1988 Bob was persuaded to join Technical Solutions International (TSI). Based in Sydney TSI had rights to software used extensively by control rooms throughout Australia. TSI wanted not only to consolidate its local market share but to drive aggressively into the South East Asian Region. Bob’s background experience was ideal and for the next 8 years was the Sales & Marketing Manager for TSI.

Like many other successful people, Bob likes the challenge of new assignments and the mental stimulation that comes with it. His most recent Periscope assignments have included stepping into senior operations roles on a project basis for those clients faced by severe resource pressures in compressed time frames and overseeing handovers where companies are bought out.

Bob is an active sportsman, taking in golf, squash and fishing. The breadth and depth of his experience means however, that more often than not Bob’s experience is called upon by Periscope’s clients.