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Periscope is a consultancy business originally established by Paul Ronis. It is focused on providing management expertise to businesses that have a need for skills and experience outside their current complement but don't necessarily want or need to employ that staff. Since those early days the consultancy has grown with additional Principal and Associate Consultants signing on. Whilst the spread and depth of management expertise is impressive, the business maintains its focus.

Periscope is a specialist consultancy business, specialist in that it has specifically been set up to provide advice to Australian small to medium size businesses (SME’s) operating in the industrial services sector. SME’s are the engine room of Australia’s economy accounting for over 65 % of all businesses.

SME’s are usually dynamic businesses driven and fuelled by the energy of owners and their collective families. They are nimble operators often thriving in areas and under conditions that challenge larger corporations. However, whilst “small is beautiful” there are those occasions where even businesses like SME’s need specialist advice and resource. Periscope can provide a wide array of consultants whether the need is a one off project or an ongoing basis.

People often say that “being smart is not necessarily always knowing the answer but more importantly knowing where to find the answers”. Periscope is indeed that, smart solutions for smart managers.