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What businesses frequently need but seldom get is critical review from outsiders.
Periscope tells its prospective clients what it needs to hear, not what it would like to hear.

Our strengths are our gap analyses. These translate into the traditional SWOT analyses which in turn are woven into business plans, which can be crystallized into operational budgets loaded into accounting systems. In this way businesses can identify ways it can defend and maintain competitive edges and/or address key weaknesses that if left unattended can mean a spiral into ever decreasing profits and returns.

Take a moment to think those last two sentences through. There are plenty of people around you who “agree” with the boss. However, as you would well know, the boss doesn’t always get it right and remember mistakes often cost time and money. On the other hand there are also those people around you that always seem to “have a problem for every solution” you propose. Periscope Consultants are experienced managers who want results just as you do. Think of us as a sounding board for your ideas and problems, after all two heads are better than one.