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Sales & Marketing
If you are not convinced that your sales people are up to scratch, consider the following services…

Periscope can help train sales representatives and even sales managers.

We can guide your people when it comes to better sales processes.

Whether your problem is sales material, sales strategies, quoting/tendering, sales presentations or understanding strike rates, we can help steer you through it.

Periscope can also, if so desired, have a consultant “sit in” at your sales teams’ meetings.

Critically reviewing sales representatives’ results or lack of results is often a tricky thing to do.

Especially, if your business is not yet at the stage of having a Sales Manager to specifically manage things for you.

Who better to do it than a very seasoned manager to do it on your behalf?

Periscope can even provide you with a suitably experienced senior consultant to attend periodic senior management meetings that you might call.