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Paul Ronis  

Paul Ronis

Qualifications and Professional Development
B Arts (1979) Flinders University


Paul is a fellow that has just about lived and worked everywhere. Paul originally hails from Adelaide. Graduating in 1979 he went to Darwin where he worked in what is now known as Telstra. Over the next 2 years he worked on the introduction of computerized accounts and operations packages into the NT.

In 1981 he was sent to Sydney to work on generating network forecasts for telephone exchanges, major cable provisioning and general network trunking. This period saw Paul basically travel throughout most of NSW from Sydney to Bourke and beyond. The network forecasts involved dealing with businesses of varying sizes as well as local, state and federal government instrumentalities.

At 25 he was placed in charge of the Sydney Central Business District and in between was posted to Canberra. In preparation for deregulation of the telecommunications market, Paul was selected to join the marketing arm of Telstra covering all three product groups, namely;

  • Public Switched Telephone Networks
  • Terminal Products (also know as equipped ends)
  • Data Networks (both analogue and digital)

In 1986 Paul was headhunted and joined Racal Chubb becoming in short order Marketing Manager. In 1989 following the takeover of their largest competitor Wormalds, Paul was appointed Victorian State Manager of Chubb Electronic Security. During his 4 year posting in Victoria Paulís operation won several prestigious awards. Paul won the Manager of the Year award and Branch of the Year Award. The awards saw him rewarded with a management course at the internationally renown Mt Eliza. As well Paul became a member of the Victorian TQM Strategic Planning Committee. He also received a formal Certificate of Appreciation from the Victorian Police Force for innovative work he did with the control room. It was during his posting in Melbourne that Paul's son and daughter were born.

Eventually Paul was promoted to the position of Group Manager based in Sydney, reporting directly to the Group Managing Director of Chubb in Australia. The groupís turnover now was in excess of $A500 million. The move saw him doing preparatory work on Chubbís business plan for the creation of its new national division Security Monitoring Centres (SMC). During this time he also renegotiated all of Chubbís telecommunication spend with the network providers. At the time Chubb was in Telstraís top twenty accounts by expenditure. Following successful completion of these projects Paul was placed in charge of the Chubb NSW Electronic Security business running all areas including the control room.

Following project work for Chubb that took him to the UK and Thailand, in 1995 Paul took a sabbatical and lived in the UK and Ireland for some 6 months. Upon his return he joined the James Hardie group, running the NSW Building Automation business, which like similar businesses he had run before, comprised sales forces, installation and service department as well as admin.

In 2000 Paul was asked to run a Regional Networks business unit. This business at its peak comprised 50 branches spread throughout Australia. In 2002 Paul was made General Manager of the Queensland operations and moved from Sydney to Brisbane. In 2003 Paul set up Periscope Management Consultants.

Since that time he has consulted widely in the industrial services sector for clients such as TYCO, ECL NZ, Fuelquip Australia, LCS, Polyrim/SABAC, SBTB, Valentia and Kovek. These projects have involved various services such as restructuring, hiring staff and providing commercial advice on a range of operational issues to senior management and/or owners of the business.