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Periscope is able to draw on the best available resource for your particular need. Because of Periscope's dynamic business model we are able to actively canvas the market and keep our database and operators up to date.
As a demonstration of our abilities, a client of ours recently had a need to get a website in place in short order. With Periscopes contact network we were able to not only scope the project and outsource it but we had it done in 24/7 real time by placing the project on the overseas market thus getting it completed in cycle time not lapsed time.

Periscope by its very nature is web based. This means our consultants are very mobile and accessible. Our project panels are set up to ensure backup should misfortune strike any one consultant.
For you the client this means you could conceptually give Periscope the brief one day, go to bed whilst the project is being worked on around the clock, somewhere in the world.
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