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I have a relatively new business which has a number of core qualities that indicate a definite opportunity to fill a niche in our segment of the marketplace.

Recently, I used the services of Periscope Management Consultants for an in depth review of the existing operational status and future growth prospects for my business. Like many businesses the decision to carry out an external business critique by a professional business team can be intimidating. In effect, a reality check, just like visiting your doctor, life is so much better once the health check is completed, problem identified, solution applied and ongoing review implemented.

Paul, Rick and John as part of the Periscope team were able achieve all the above by carrying out a three pronged analysis of our existing operational process, our current business direction and our nominated time frames. Based on the information gleaned, they were able to formulate a number of practical operational, financial and marketing adjustments to the business plan. These had immediate, positive results.

While more time and downstream results are certainly the eventual gauge of these strategies the immediate results and impact on the business have been financially rewarding.

Paul, congratulations to your team, I will certainly make further use of your services as further business development occurs.

Please feel free, to use this testimonial as you may require.

Kind Regards,

Bill Tahu

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