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Periscope has a database of over 2,900 businesses at its fingertips. Periscope can perform gap analyses to identify ways of sensibly improving one’s business performance.

We pride ourselves in being able to find ways to improve your bottom line by 5-10%. In a competitive world an extra 5-10% profit can be welcome extra earnings or something that can be used to fund those strategies that an owner knows they must act on.

Periscope is not a business broker. Having said that, people wishing to plan their retirement or exit from their business may use our services to prepare their plans.
Periscope reviews can form the basis of a business valuation helping people identify their better bargaining points and working on those aspects that may be regarded as reducing a businesses worth to a potential buyer.

These very same business owners may have decided that their family owned business is worth building up and passing on to their next generation. In this situation Periscope can help with strategic planning, profiling potential acquisitions and helping with the post sale integration